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1. When was Siouxsie born?
a) 5.26.57
b) 5.27.58
c) 5.24.58
d) 5.24.63
e) 5.27.57

2. In what city did the Banshees' first gig take place?
a) London
b) Norwich
c) Leeds
d) Paris
e) New York

3. When did Siouxsie and the Banshees call it quits? (pre-reunion)
a) 1946
b) 1995
c) 1998
d) 1996
e) 1997

4. Which Banshees' single charted highest in the U.S.?
a) "Israel"
b) "Kiss Them For Me"
c) "Peek-A-Boo"
d) "Spellbound"
e) "O Baby"

5. During their career, SATB took a break from touring during which years?
a) none
b) 1993
c) 1994
d) 1993 and 1994
e) 1989 and 1994

6. Name the movie where Siouxsie picks sequins off her face as the camera zooms in and out.
a) "Batman Returns"
b) "Punk Rock Movie"
c) "Court of Miracles"
d) "Cocoon"
e) "Showgirls"

7. The 10.27.78 concert in Glasgow ended in a riot. Describe the Banshees' escape:
a) disguised as nuns
b) through an undergound tunnel
c) surrounded by police in riot gear
d) speedy getaway in a laundry van
e) spent the night in the venue; left next morning

8. Which of these SATB b-sides was featured in a Janice Long radio session?
a) "B Side Ourselves"
b) "Tattoo"
c) "Something Blue"
d) "She's Cuckoo"
e) "Return"

9. Who headlined the Lollapalooza tour the year SATB took part?
a) Nine Inch Nails
b) Siouxsie and the Banshees
c) Jane's Addiction
d) Suede
e) Nirvana

10. What was muttered by Sioux in 1979 that caused her to be banned from any future live BBC interviews?
a) "That's bullshit."
b) "That's fucking crap."
c) "Go to hell."
d) "you pathetic, sad cunt"
e) "Go fuck yourself."

11. What nickname did Siouxsie and the Banshees use for three 1980 concerts?
a) The Titanics
b) Janet and the Icebergs
c) Bromley Contingent
d) Almost Creatures
e) Cycle Sluts From Hell

12. Steven Severin wrote the score for which of these controversial films?
a) "The Last Temptation of Christ"
b) "Visions of Ecstasy"
c) "The Satanic Verses"
d) "Deep Throat"
e) "Sister Act"

13. What photographer did Siouxsie request to take the first exclusive photos of her new bob hairstyle in 1987?
a) Annie Leibovitz
b) Herb Ritz
c) Anton Corbijn
d) Robert Mapplethorpe
e) Pablo Picasso

14. Which of these concert disasters never happened?
a) backing tape breaks; Budgie plays five minute drum solo
b) rainstorm ends the set after about thirty minutes
c) falling screen bonks a Banshee
d) teargas wafts in from nearby football riot
e) none of the above

15. What's the most extensive U.S. tour undertaken by SATB--i.e., largest number of shows?
a) 1995 ("Rapture")
b) 1988 ("Peepshow")
c) 1991 (Lollapalooza)
d) 1991-1992 ("Superstition")
e) 1986 ("Tinderbox")

16. Which country enjoyed the last Banshees' concert before their breakup? (pre-reunion)
a) Belgium
b) England
c) Scotland
d) France
e) United States

17. "Star-crossed Lovers" is rumored to be:
a) a "Tinderbox" outtake
b) a "Hyaena" outtake
c) a "Superstition" outtake
d) what Siouxsie calls her two cats
e) a sonnet penned by Siouxsie

18. Who joined the Banshees on 2.24.77?
a) Pete Fender and Kenny Morris
b) Pete Morris and Kenny Fender
c) Pete Fenton and Kenny Morris
d) Peter Finch and Kenny Rogers
e) Pete Finter and Kenny Morley

19. Who's the oldest--Martin, Steven, Siouxsie, or Budgie?
a) Steven
b) Siouxsie
c) Budgie
d) Martin
e) none of the above

20. At which Creatures' concert did Siouxsie threaten to kick Budgie off the drums and play them herself?
a) Utrecht, 3.6.90
b) Nottingham, 2.21.90
c) Detroit, 3.23.90
d) Tijuana, 3.30.90
e) Boston, 3.18.90

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