Sunday Times (2.14.99)

THE CREATURES. Anima Animus. Sioux 4CD, Pounds 14.99.

THOUGH Siouxsie Sioux and Banshees drummer/ percussionist Budgie are contemporaries of Blondie, this return could scarcely be more different.

Over the years, Siouxsie's voice has lost none of its ability to seduce and unsettle. This third Creatures album could have been made at any time in their career, yet it still sounds more vital than most of what it will be sitting next to in the megastores.

The sound is percussive, defined by Budgie's supple rhythm work, but roiling sequencers and squalls of guitar visit the mix to add tension where necessary.

Exterminating Angel is exquisitely menacing, while the sinuous Another Planet grows to a shuddering climax. It is easy to see why Suicide and DAF are mentioned in connection with Anima Animus, even if Underworld or the Aphex Twin (with Siouxsie on vocals - imagine!) would be just as apposite. Welcome back. AS

Contributed by Jerry Burch.

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