Friday, 9.24.04
San Francisco
The Warfield

Written by Mark

so, i went to see Siouxsie tonite in San Francisco.... after the 4th song she goes off into this rage about how shes "too fucking cold" and "cant the pricks here get it right" and then STORMS offstage and says she not coming back till they fix it! all these workers come out and whatnot, then about 5 mins later she comes back with her throat wrapped in 2 towels. sing 2 songs, the second being 'dear prudence', and before it she say "this is our last fucking song!" when she finished, she took roses from someone in the front and as she was walking offstage, again, THREW them into the drums! so another 5 mins go by and she finally comes back out... still wrapped in towels. she says some thing like "i might have to sing the rest like this." and then goes on to talk about what a "shit hole" it is and how shes "never fucking coming back" and "cant they get anything right." during the next song you could feel the heat had been turned on and then as 'kiss them for me' started, she took off all the towels and got more into it. THEN... closer to the end, some guy gets up on stage and she run to him and pushes him... then swings the mic at his head! so he falls back into the crowd and she goes to the other side of the stage... then she walks back to his side, swings the mic in circles and flips him off! also, before the first encore, she did say the audience was great, but the venue and the employees assholes. oh, and again at the end, she had to say once more "youll never see me here again, this is the last time!"

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