Friday, 10.15.04
Royal Festival Hall

Written by Christopher from Leicester

Hi just thought you may like to hear about the dreamshow on friday.i travelled to london especially for the event.

i cant remember all the songs or the exact running order but here goes; say yes, seven seas, godzilla, happy house,obsession,the rapture,right now, trust in me,weathercade,but not them, prettiest thing,dear prudence ,face to face,kiss them for me.

Siouxsie came on stage at 8.15 resplendent wearing a white style sort of japenese kimono and feathers in her hair.the concert kicked off with say yes a giant image of a rising sun behind budgie and leonard etos passionate drumming.then seven seas and godzilla.the new material from Hai sounded amazing live.

the royal festival hall seats 3000 and was full to capacity.old fans and i think some new from the faces we saw.the last time i saw siouxsie and the banshees was 1988 and the creatures in hear the old songs again was almost surreal but an amazing extreamely enjoyable in me was pure musical excellence as siouxsie sang accompanied by a harp player from the millenia ensemble.also the rapture was incredible with strings live.right now was a riot of sound along with weathercade.about a third way through the evening siouxsie complained of being cold and told the venue to fucking do something about it.unfortunately we had to leave at 10.45 to get the tube to catch the last train!but by then two songs of an encore had been played.

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