(The Philadelphia Inquirer February '95)

"The Rapture"
*** (three stars out of 4)
by Sara Sherr

After almost two decades and 13 albums, frontwoman Siouxsie Sioux retains her position as the First Lady of Goth. In recent years, frilly British goth-rock has been trampled in the American mosh pit of rap, industrial and grunge. But Sioux and original members Steve Severin on bass and Budgie on drums -- plus guitarist Jon Klein and keyboardist Martin McCarrick, who joined the Banshees for 1988's "Peepshow" -- bring glamour and mystery to an often-predictable genre.

The strength of "The Rapture", produced by John Cale, is Sioux's sinuous voice and commanding presence. They make songs such as the title track, "The Double Life" and "Love Out Me" stand-outs, and carry weaker tunes like "O-Baby" and "Tearing Apart."

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