A little about me:

How did my Banshee fascination begin? Well, UNC college radio introduced me to Siouxsie and the Banshees back in the Fall of 1986 with the song "Israel." And now, after a couple of decades, the passion hasn't faded....

If you'd like to contact me about the site (or anything else), you'll find all my contact info below. Feel free to drop me an e-mail. Don't hesitate to write! Accolades as well as criticisms are appreciated. And please do report any broken links or sound file problems.

Well, enjoy your time here. Hopefully there's something to interest everyone--from new fans just discovering Siouxsie to the die-hards like myself. Expect lots of updates as time progresses. I'll list everything on the updates page including what's to come.



E-mail: roddy@untiedundone.com