Wednesday, 9.15.04
Gypsy Ballroom

Written by Scott Hutcheson

I went to the show in Dallas, at the Gypsy Tea Room. The scary guitarist (that was also the guitarist on the 7 year itch dvd) kept starting at me (my friend and I were rather close), maybe it was because of my shirt being so Shiney?.. it still gave me the creeps. Siouxsie looked great, she was all warrior-Geisha!, w/ black-red-white feathers coming out of her hair. I went to the Anima Animus tour (a long time ago).. and I can honestly say that That concert was a lot better than this one. This one was just very basic (a little too basic), and I got bored. It reminded me a lot of the 7 year itch (the setup, the sound). The anima animus tour was Great! there were a lot of distortion..sounds, coming out of the guitar. and sioux would use Everything that was around her (a keyboard, drums, bells, et cetera). this concert.. all she did was sing and dance, so yeah.. it was a lot like the 7 year itch.

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