Sunday, August 2, 1998
The Roxy

by Daron Manoogian

The Creatures/Cale extravaganza rolled into Boston on Sunday, August 2, and I think both were surprised by the positive reaction to Cale. Judging by past reviews, he has not been getting warm receptions at many shows. But, I must say that The Creatures were far and away the highlight of the evening. The thing that struck me the most was how polished the sound and production qualities were. Finally, I could hear Sioux, and she sounded fantastic. I have seen a few Banshees gigs where her voice was mixed out in a wash of guitar. This mix was perfect - nothing overpowering, each sound and instrument perfectly audible. Bravo to the sound person! The new songs are amazing - full of emotion and that trademark cynicism. The second set of The Creatures was especially charged up. Songs like "Turn It On", "Prettiest Thing", and "Exterminating Angel" took me back to the live shows of the 80's. Sioux feeling each and every word, vocally confident and strong, and songs that are truly original and exciting compositions.

My only regret is that the show is so short, and only two songs for an encore. It was one of those shows where you want it to go on forever.

  All the hype is for real. They are back with a vengence.

by Tym Rourke

Just a quick review of the Boston show.  Cale came on at 8:30, played three songs, and was joined by Siouxsie for "Hedda Gabbler".  I don't know much of Cale's material, but most of it made me want to hear more of his stuff.  Some, however, like his version of "Heartbreak Hotel", left me unsure what to think.

The Creatures new material sounded fantastic.  Most of the titles escaped me, but in terms of older material there was "Kiss the Girl", "Not Them", and a rockin, almost head-banging version of "Pluto Drive" (the best song of the evening in my opinion!).  They closed with a wonderful rendition of "Venus in Furs".

Siouxsie was in a Vinyl pant-suit with a white almost see-through top underneath that had birds on it.  Budgie was decked out in a form-fitting velvet shirt.  They looked like they were truly enjoying themselves, and the interplay between them and Cale was great to see. The highlight of my Summer!

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