Thursday, August 27, 1998
Lux Cinema
Sioux Records Night

by Sandra and Mike Murkaster-Cascade

So, Sioux Records night, WOW!
We don't know where to start...

We got there early enough to get right to the front. The stage was tiny,only about 16X9 feet and about 6" off the ground :-). The seating had all been taken out of this small cinema at the request of the band. The Lux is a bit modern, bland, & boxy and has no atmosphere of its own. The Creatures, however, don't need any help with creating atmosphere and the size of the venue was absolutely perfect for a wonderfully intimate evening.

The films were quite fun, mostly very funny. Like nice little boys & girls we sat, many crosslegged, (or like us lying down at times) & enjoyed the following films & clips & were treated to 3 songs from Anima Animus.

UBU Geoff Dunbar from Alfred Jarry play--UK-1978-20 mins
* SAY *
Vertigo You know who--USA-1958-5 min extract
Psycho You Know who again--USA-1969-3 min extract
The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T. Roy Rowland--USA-1953-6 min extract
Onimba Kaneto Shindo--Japan-1964-12 min extract
* TURN IT ON REMIX * (not the 12" promo version)
Fantasia Ben Sharpsteen for Disney--USA-1940-8 min extract
The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T. (see above)-4 min extract
The Thing John Carpenter--USA-1982-5 min extract
Carmen Carlos Sauro--Spain-1983-5 min extract
Not I Donald Whitaker from Samuel Beckett play--UK-1973-15 mins

Admittedly, towards the end of Not I, the crowd were starting to become eager for the arrival of the band. And then on they walked, coming through the same door that we had all entered through, down the side we were standing on (about 2' away from us) and on to the stage which was set up with 1 bass drum, 1 microphone & those prettiest drums I've ever seen.

Siouxsie was wearing a beautiful fine golden mesh figure hugging dress over a  black bra & leggings--we know there's always comments on how beautiful & sexy she is but let's face it every word is true! Budgie was wearing black leather trousers and his sexy, slightly see-through leopard print top.

Siouxsie had some friendly banter with the crowd before entering into the seductive I Was Me which she sang in her wonderful feline way. At the end of the song she chastised the crowd for calling out for Budgie--"& stop screaming for Budgie, it's *me*!" Sad Cunt followed with Sioux adding some metallic percussion. About 3/4 of the way through Budgie broke a string on the guitar so at the end the chatter was about where the tuning peg had gone (someone suggesting it had gone up a back passage). The offending peg recovered the sound man set to work & into Prettiest Thing we went...they seem to love the way they can play with this song with little changes to it. At the end of this the guitar was still being readied so a little more banter took place--Sioux sang "like a type writer" & some of us down the front took over singing the 1st verse. Sioux eventually decided it was time to tell us to "shut the fuck up" just for the sake of it. Then they played, for what we believe was the 1st time so far, Guillotine, with Budgie using the bass drum, & Siouxsie with castanets.

All the way through you could tell they were both loving it. We've sometimes thought that UK audiences don't get the warm atmosphere that other places get but this gig was glowing with warmth & affection. After the show the video to 2nd Floor was played and following that people started to leave. We were all presented with a little bag of Creatures sweets as we left. The many people who didn't depart straight away had the opportunity to meet Sioux & Budgie as they mingled in the cinema lobby shortly after the show. I even got to meet Marc Almond as he left, as well as meeting Siouxsie & Budgie. 

So, Sioux Records night, WOW!

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