Saturday, August 1, 1998
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Electric Factory

by Paul Kepple

The Philly show was the first show I caught on the tour, and it was wonderful. Though the turnout was small -- the venue didn't seem even half full -- the band didn't seem to notice, and the performance was tight and energetic.

Cale performed first. I was not familiar with his solo work before the show, and I was a little surprised. His music was a lot more "straightforward" (for lack of a better word) than I expected. He was much better than I expected from what I had heard from other people.

Before long a stunning Siouxsie joined Cale on stage for "Hedda Gabbler." Her hair was punky and she was in a tight, glossy PVC catsuit-type outfit. The Creatures started with the great "Disconnected" which has evolved a little from the "Jools" performance -- it's richer and the end is extended. "Take Mine" and a sultry "Tattoo" were next. Then came an intense version of "Venus Sands" -- which Siouxsie's vocals sounded great on. "Pluto Drive" and "Miss The Girl" (though one of my favorite Creatures songs, it was my least favorite on this tour---it sounded very "tinkley") finished the Creatures first set, and Cale joined them on-stage for the playful duet "Murdering Mouth."

Cale's second set was a little more "rocking." I personally prefer his more slow stuff that he played keyboard on. To me they seemed a little more emotional and intense. I enjoyed his bizarre, twisted "Heartbreak Hotel" at the end of his set, though it seemed most others didn't.

Sioux was back with Thumb and the incredible "Turn It On." "Turn It On" has an infectious, tribal drum beat that is very hard NOT to dance to (and most of the audience did dance). Siouxsie played with the audience with her hip-swinging and cat calls and the songs stop-start pacing. This was followed by another show-stopper "Prettiest Thing." One of the best things about this song is watching Budgie play his drums -- he is so intense, and he really gets into the song. He also plays acoustic guitar and Siouxsie plays a little bit of drums on B-Side Ourselves, which keeps the pace up until the searing finale "Exterminating Angel." It is hard to explain just how great this song is. It is hard to imagine a studio recorded version of this song being able to capture the crackling energy and deep drum sound of the live version. If they only come close, it will still be an incredible song.

Unfortunately, we only got one encore -- "Venus In Furs." The song is a perfect match for Siouxsie. She really makes this song her own. Near the end, someone jumped on-stage and started bowing down and worshipping Siouxsie, and then she sat on his head(!!) before he was dragged away by security.

For me the new material far out-shined the old. The new material must be strong for the audience to be so entranced by a set where they haven't heard 85% of the songs before.

by Shawn

Last night I saw the Creatures show in Philly, brilliant is the best word to say. The goths were out in full force. Didn't know alot of John Cale's stuff but i have to say i liked it, his first song was sort of spoken word type which was very good he had me hooked on the song "Magazines". From this site i learned that Siouxsie comes in on "Hedda Gabler" so once i heard the words i was waiting the arrival of the Queen and out of the shadows she came. Looking supersexy she finished up Hedda and went into a new song after she said to the crowd "You like my t-shirt?" I couldn't make out what was on it. She did some more new stuff then went into "Venus Sands, Pluto Drive and Miss the Girl". She said to a group of people who were on the other side of the wall,"just a little on the side". She was super swinging the mic cord and being in great voice. How the record company's and all could ever turn them down is really missing out. She did a great song called "Thumb" and the rest of the new stuff was great as well. All in all a Brilliant show Siouxsie voice Super her moves great and she still is looking "Ab-Fab." Long live the Creatures!

by E. Alvin

Just wanted to say a few things about the Philadelphia show.  It was quite amazing, started around quarter after nine and ended a little before eleven.

I'm sorry I can't do a full set list, but it was just about the same as everywhere else, minus, 2nd Floor and Gun, which I really WANTED to hear.  But I shouldn't complain at least I got to see them!  Siouxsie talked quite a bit here and there, and some annoying git kept blowing a whistle, and she asked about it after one of the songs, but didn't seem to mind him too much.  The version of B-side ourselves that they did was just AMAZING!  Along with Tatoo and Thumb!  Incredible.  As for John Cale, most of his stuff was pretty good but he could have left out Heart Break Hotel... me and my sister weren't quite sure if we should have clapped for that or not.. heh

Lastly, I just wanted to say that both Siouxsie and Budgie are lookin' pretty good, Budgie looks mostly the same, heh, and Siouxsie has kept her figure I think.  She did her normal array of kicks and little dances throughout the show, etc etc.  But you know, her hair was just crazy.. it's like she's going retro... =)

Oh well, hope everyone else gets a chance to see one of the shows near them!!  It will be well worth it!

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