Tuesday, July 7, 1998
Majestic Ventura Theatre

by Eugene N. Huffman III

Well, when I found out that Siouxsie was gonna be playing in Ventura...I thought it was odd that she would play there.  Well, I'm sure she never will again by a comment she made that went something like "...I want to [kill] the promoter who put us in this place...we're feeling a little Disconnected..." or making a comment about doing a hoe-down to Venus in Furs.  Well, I don't like that city either that much, so I don't blame her for not liking it.  Small crowd, but they were really into the show.  And I have to say that the sound at the Ventura show was excellent as compared to the San Francisco show....and Budgie was really cute, too.  Siouxsie was wearing (what seems to be her tour uniform) her patent leather outfit with a different shirt this time, Budgie in a skirt again, but wearing a black mesh top this time.....Overall, I liked the show very much (then again, it is Siouxsie, so there's no way in hell that I wouldn't like it.....but, you know!). 

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