Monday, July 6, 1998
Santa Cruz

by Mariko Walton

the show? sad and wonderful at the same time. sad because there were only about 100 people! (not kidding!!!) and wonderful because there were only about 100 people!!! (at most)

first off, the ads they passed around at the san francisco shows gave the wrong time (9pm, actually 8pm) for the santa cruz show. thus, not many were there at 8pm (15 in the front?)...later i'd say about 50 in the front. so of course, cale and the rest come out and there are surprised to see so few people there. budgie sits down but then gets up a bit and takes a quick look around 'cos he just can't fucking believe it. then when siouxsie came out it was good. then her 2nd round she didn't seem pleased at all..pissed even that there were so few (and i guess not as bouncy as she would like it) during turn it on she pounced the big israel drum with her hand and knocked over the mic stand with her leg. and she said "fucking wake up"...and when they came out for an encore she said "i want to hear the repeats"...i'm surprised she came out at all for encore. oh yeah, she also said earlier that there's enough room "to do cartwheel's and shit". budgie and cale were happy...they were into it. they seemed like they wanted to play more..but fact, when they did their final leave john said something like he'd bring sioux back out. but that didn't happen. part of it also is there was an act scheduled at 10pm! (why?) so they made everyone leave the club so they could take down the creatures equipment and put up the next one's.

during the show sioux almost fell backwards over a guitar stand. she moved it out of her way.. at the end of the show she got behind budgie and his drums and just waved her arms behind him. during one song she got up on the stand that holds budgie and his drums and was dancing. i couldn't see because there were 2 tall men in front of me, but i think most of the time she was facing budgie as she danced.

at some points inbetween songs it was so fucking quiet. when budgie put on the guitar they started to talk about what to play and he had his back turned to the audience. it was quiet. then someone started talking and budgie turned around and put his finger to his lips "SHHHH" was so funny.

later sioux asked what they should play and everyone screamed requests. before exterminating angel sioux said they're ending it with venom. someone screamed "ISRAEL!!!" and sioux just looked at the audience "V-E-N-O-M..VENOM"

before gun sioux said she's gonna kill someone...then john said to the audience not to worry, that she'll kill him first.

before the show...i was just hanging out in front of the main club doors waiting to meet someone. i had my back turned to the tour bus's door. i ignored those santa cruzers who kept staring inside what that noise was (roadie soundcheck)... about 4:20 i hear someone say my name. who's that? who's voice is that? i shouldn't even look...oh why not... it's fucking siouxsie and budgie! needless to say i was surprised.... (it's pretty trippy, for lack of a better word, when budgie calls you by name...even recognizing you by not even half a profile) sioux just walked into the venue but budgie stayed and chatted with me. (sign this please, talked about my shirt, looking into setting up webpage, perhaps something like, doesn't want it boring like every other band page, maybe something like perry farrell's teeth, etc.) then he puts his bag in the venue and goes on the bus. he comes out of the bus and shares his altoids with me. who can refuse budgie? c'mon, take one! you can say budgie gave you a mint! and well, that was my pre-show excitement. note: budgie is a sharp dresser. i didn't like that you could see a bit of stomach but it was kinda cute. nice shirt, nice pants, nice jacket..all black but i missed to see the shoes. oh yeah, during the show sioux wore same outfit. the only thing that rotates is her top. it was sheer red with a black design on front and both sleeves. and during the show budgie has worn the best outfit that i've seen. same skirt thing happening, but this was more catholic school girl type...(pleated) and he was wearing all black, so that helped...

by Greg Wassmann

The house had at the most 150 people in it. The band took it in stride and had fun nonetheless. Siouxsie even said, pointing to the empty space in the back, "Someone should be doing cartwheels and backflips back there." All seemed to be in good spirits until some technical difficulties occurred. Evidently the sound man was new and forgot to put the vocal effects through Siouxsies' monitor. She couldn't hear what was going on. This was especially evident in "A Strutting Rooster". She carried on though (trooper that she is) and finished the song. She made a few biting comments that were meant for the sound man. I think that this incident threw her off a bit. There were still no T-shirts or buttons or anything to buy. Maybe later in the tour. Unfortunately I won't be there as this is the last one in our area. I only hope that other fans can have as an enjoyable time seeing the Creatures as David and I have. I have never seen any band 4 times in the same tour before!!! They were worth it!!!

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