Saturday, July 4, 1998
Fenix Underground

by Richard Cardone

I was surprised there wasn't more people there, but I think that a lot of the folks went on the 3rd instead.  It was a big crowd, but not so packed.  Needless to say, the show was awesome!  It worked to our advantage also, since there wasn't much crowding around the stage. I myself got to stand there a couple feet in front of them... it was like being with them in a studio; it was a real performance "art", it wasn't about fancy lights or anything like that- just the music and the performance.

Sioux came out totally Siouxsie! Black PVC, just her look.  I was stunned at just how "on" they were.  Her singing was really good. 

A highlight for me was "Prettest thing".. all the stage was just red lights.. Budgie was right up front just pounding on these bongos..Sioux was singing away- they truly are phenominal artists!  it was all about the music...

at one point she said something to the effect of "well, if you're wondering about an album, we just do this because we love it".. she was in a totally good mood, "Somebody bring me a drink!"- which they did...Budgie gave a drumstick to some guy who was on the mezzanine behind the stage, and they kept telling him to go ahead and hit the cymbals.. it was an incredible experience..

also "Miss the Girl"-  it was soooooo good!! better than any recording I've heard.. it's a cool song anyhow, and their doing it live was just so right on! 

Well- I've seen the Siouxsie (is she going by Janet now?) 3 times.. this was probably the best... she has an incredible "presence"- you know?  it 's hard to describe, but she just has an energy on stage when she performs that creates something larger than life.

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