Friday, July 3, 1998
Fenix Underground

by Sister Motor City Rebel VixXxen

About the middle of the concert, one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence handed Siouxsie a ring. She mentioned how glorious it was. Well, that Sister was me. I am known as Sister Motor City Rebel VixXxen (or Sister VixXxen for short.). I was wearing a burgundy veil and wearing a burgundy coque feather boa on my headpiece, and lots of gold beads. I waited out back in the alley to meet her and let her know about the history of the ring, but my ride got impatient and I didn't get to see her.

If you can get this message to Siouxsie for me, I would much appreciate it:

Siouxsie, the ring I gave you was the ring I got when I took my vows as a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. I have appreciated your music for so many years now, and I felt that the only way to show how much you and your music have meant to me over the years was to give you my most prized piece of jewelery. I was very honored that you put it on right in the middle of the concert. If you don't know, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have been doing safer sex education, condom distribution, safer sex demonstrations, raising money for charities including, but not limited to, AIDS research, hospices, children with AIDS, and the like since Holy Saturday 1979 in San Francisco. Your music and presence have always been appreciated, and I just wanted to give you a token of my thanks for having the balls to get on the stage at the 100 Club and show them who's boss. You truly are a gifted individual, and always remember that there's a guy who dresses as a fiercely glamorous nun who thinks you are a treasure. I'd love to have drinks with you someday and just hang out.

Yours in (and out of, with a condom) the Lord,
Sister Motor City Rebel VixXxen

by Eric Johnson

Unlike the show on the following night, the first night was a packed, sold out affair. I arrived both days around 4:30 pm and was first in line both nights along with one other girl. We were priveleged enough to get to hear sound checks both nights and you could sense the electricity and excitement in the air. The doors opened and I assumed my predetermined spot of front row center. Finally after a few hours of anxious waiting and a few more drinks the show began. I was very unfamiliar with John Cale's material but I actually enjoyed what he played during the show as did most people it seemed, contrary to what I had previously been hearing. I especially enjoyed Pablo Picasso. Sioux came out in that vinyl outfit that seems to be her predesignated tour outfit as she wore it both nights. She was in outstanding spirits and seemed to play off the energy of the audience  which was in high gear. Her new material is outstanding, particularly Exterminating Angel and Turn it On. It's some of the best stuff I've heard in a while. I do wish that she would have played longer as always and that there would have been some more older songs especially Right Now, but when I asked her that night about that song she didn't want to do it without a brass section which they were planning on having for that LA show on the 9th. She also said its hard enough to get Cale to play Venus in Furs because Cale had a falling out with Lou Reed and that is why they don't play All Tomorrow's Parties. After the show they didn't come out to mingle but they were accepting visitors backstage and myself and a couple of friends had the awesome privelege of hanging out with Siouxsie and Budgie for about an hour and a half with most of that time all to ourselves. She misses her 3 cats and if you have the opportunity to buy her a drink make it either a vodka tonic or a vodka gimmlet. Budgie is having something made by Dark Garden Corsetry of SF but wouldn't say what as he said it's a secret. I guess we will have to wait and see. I will never forget this night for as long as I live.

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