Friday, July 31, 1998
Detroit, Michigan
State Theatre

by Andrew L. Stefani

The crowd consisted mostly of black clad / gothic looking 20 something year olds who were too young to know much about  JOHN CALE and his history not to mention most of them were in their pre teen years when the 1st CREATURES record was released... Anyways, John cale came out first w/ the band and ran through a few songs [ 4 or 5 tunes]. He than gave way to SIOUXSIE, who after a duet w/ Cale stormed through the ultra cool DISCONNECT.. THE CREATURES  went through their set wich was pretty much the same as it has been much of the tour..highlites included THE PRETIEST STAR/PLUTO DRIVE/ MISS THE GIRL/ and others..JOHN CALE later returned to close out the show w/ BUDGIE & SIOUX..nice show....Afterwards , both SIOUXSIE & BUDGIE were nice enough to hang out ,chat, and sign autographs  w/ some of the devoted ones who waited around the backstage exit.. nice time had by all...

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