Monday, July 27, 1998
Minneapolis, Minnesota
First Avenue

by Lori Baily

Here's a few tidbits not mentioned in other reviews for the Minneapolis show...

Budgie came out after the show and signed autographs.  Some girls in very skimpy outfits were drooling on him and he was enjoying it.  I pestered him awhile with my drunkenness. As I remember he wasn't wearing a skirt at all (just leggings/pants.) I asked him why not and he said something about air flow. Someone said Sioux was going to come out but she didn't show. 

The sound was okay but awfully quiet. The opening band was going to be Purrotica but a sign on the front door to 1st Ave. said "Due to circumstances beyond their control" they could not play. My favorite part of the night was the after-show smooch b/t Sioux and Budgie. Very sweet. 

by Ryan Kelly

I saw the Creatures/Cale last night at First Ave., Mpls. The setlist included Miss the Girl, Pluto Drive, But Not Them, Venus Sands, B'side Ourselves, Tattoo, some new stuff like Prettiest Thing, Exterminating Angel. They closed with Gun and Venus in Furs. They did a final encore of Red over White (just kidding). Unfortunately no Strutting Rooster!!!! It was a great show even though I had to be in the presence of a couple hundred gothballs and peter murphy/wannabe/immortal/darkwave whatevers.

by Eric Stevens

The Minneapolis show had no opening band and they gave no explanation--probably a good thing as people were anxious for Siouxsie and Budgie anyway.

John started out the show with his 4 or 5 songs.  He didn't get a spectacular response but no one heckled either.  I'll admit that I had never listened to his music but after hearing him I don't think he's anything I'm into.  I think most people quietly endured, except for the very interesting couple standing on the floor next to me.  They were late twenty-somethings and he sported a pot belly and feathered hair while she had a blond spiral perm and teased bangs.  Extreme cheese.  They seemed to know the words to all of John's songs and did the grind all night long in their drunken stupor--except for the passionate moments when they embraced in french kisses that I did not need to witness. 

On a better note, a girl near my right chain smoked clove cigarettes all night long and that smell, combined with the smoke machine, made the air seem almost edible.  Very fitting, I thought. 

Anyway, Siouxsie came out to join John, Budgie and Co. for a song they did together before he left.  I don't know his music and I'm not familiar with the Creatures new work, so I apologize that I'm not able to provide a good set list.  She did a couple of songs and then talked a bit--her previous song and the ensuing commentary made a really great segueway but as I don't remember the song title I can't explain it any better.  She made some comments about how the day had been good but yesterday wasn't quite as nice as she apparently saw an anti-gay demonstration.  She suggested an anti-arsehole demonstration in retaliation but thought it best to leave them alone in their ignorance.  She was quite humorous and it made her all the more endearing. 

Next they began a set that I recognized beginning with Venus Sands--Siouxsie crashing small cymbals in accompaniment.  I nearly creamed my shorts for the next song--Pluto Drive--as I had really hoped to hear that song.  It was excellent--probably my favorite Creatures tune.  Following that was Kiss the Girl and Murdering Mouth.  I had never heard Kiss the Girl (or is it Miss the Girl?) before so it was a fabulous experience to hear it live for my first exposure.  Siouxsie's jingle bracelet and percussion instrument were super-fun.

Things got a bit fuzzy after this as I did not recognize any of the songs.  Siouxsie exited for a bit while John came back out.  The only song of his that I recognized was Pablo Picasso and I did kinda groove on that--as did  everyone else.  She came back out again for more of her own material. 

The entire show seemed to gain momentum as the night went on--performers and crowd included.  When Budgie moved from his drum set in the back to the smaller set on center right, everyone got really crazed.  The crowd was loving him and he seemed equally as elated.  I gained a ton of respect for his musical ability and physical endurance as I watched him bang away on several songs.

They performed one encore of 3 songs, I think.  Budgie suggested the third, as I think Siouxsie was ready to call it a night.  It was very interesting to watch them interact--they seem like a genuinely loving couple that click really well together.

I didn't notice any wardrobe changes the whole night.  Budgie had been at his set the whole night and played with John, so the big entrance was left for Siouxsie.  I think it was her standard outfit--the patent leather suit with the flap covering her bum.  She had gloves and a matching jacket but removed them pretty quickly.  She wore a black top and sported the gold sequined cowboy hat for the encore. 

Budgie had on a sheer, Gaultier-like shirt that was very fitted.  Over it, he had some sort of vest, but it all looked much better once he took that off.  His skirt was shorter--looked like leather or satin--a black shiny material.  With the tights/leggings, he wore some crazy trainers or something--they looked like patent leather with fluorescent yellow soles and (I think) Nike swoosh.  This is a trend that I'll never understand among musicians/performers--sneakers with otherwise very pleasant attire--I think it's a British thing.  Budgie is a very tasty morsel, though, and I overheard several other people with the same opinion.  Good catch, Siouxsie.

Nothing unusual at this show--no horn section, no drag queens or little children.  I did think it was interesting that no one had mentioned the keyboard on Siouxsie's right that she occassionally tinkered on...

Tour merchandise was limited to one t-shirt.

I was unable to stick around after the show as my friend and I needed to get to work in the wee early hours the next morning.  I would have loved to meet them, though, but I'm uncertain if they even made an appearance.

I was very glad that I had the opportunity to see them as I never had before.  I gained a lot more appreciation for them.  Siouxsie is very entertaining, animated, intelligent, and endearing.  She deserves her icon status.  Budgie is very talented and seems to have the right amount of sassiness. 

All in all, a very, very pleasing experience.


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