Thursday, July 23, 1998
Salt Lake City, Utah
Wasatach Event Center

by Mark Teahan

Last night Siouxsie was awesome to see and hear.  The crowd was completely goth and into the creatures.  After a long wait outdoors in the rain, Cale ripped through four tunes sans Siouxsie.  Siouxsie joined Cale and set the stage on fire with her entrance to the stage.  She looked really cool, perfect skin and teased hair and shiny patent leather.

Siouxsie gave us a dose of the new stuff too.  I could make out 2nd Floor, Exterminating Angel, Prettiest Thing, and Disconnected. Beautiful versions of Venus Sands and Miss the Girl followed.  Thumb, done as just Sioux and Budgie, was my companions favorite.

Some goth moshers tried to bounce off, but it wasn't the place.  I dont get it--even Siouxsie has moved from goth/death. 

I loved every minute of the show.  It was sweltering, and Siouxsie took one break, returning with a new tight fighting top in yellow, with a gecko on the back.

We were so close to her, we could have touched her, as most of the people around us did. Siouxsie slapped several hands in a swipe during her screams in B-sides Ourselves.  We could make eye contact easily, and it was like that all night.  I would love to see them again!

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