Wednesday, July 1, 1998
Roseland Theater

by Maureen Bullis

For those of you who don't know who John Cale is he was one of the founding members of the Velvet Underground.  They were considered to be the elite avante guarde of New York's counter culture in the 60's.  Having been a fan of John's for many years, it was incredible to see him again and in such an up beat space.  Could it be Souxsie's influence?  The last time John was in Portland he was doing his vampire thing. Very dark. This time he actually smiled. It was great to hear songs he doesn't usually play such as "Riverbank" and his colaboration with Souxsie on "Hedda".  Budgie's drumming brought new life to John's music and added a primal Celtic pulse.  This crowd was amazing as well. "Cure-esque" in nature. I am revived.

by Scott Shelley

they were very lively in concert, and both siouxsie and budgie were very accessible after the show....budgie stood outside with the fans for over an hour, and siouxsie for probably ten minutes....and a strange side note...i was asking budgie about how they got involved with 'lost in space', when suddenly we were interrupted by a loud 'BANG'....about twenty five feet away, in the middle of the street, a man fell to the ground, hit in the abdomen by a drive-by word on his condition, but budgie remained outside after the incident..if i were him, i would be on the bus in a second...

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