Saturday, July 18, 1998
Tempe, Arizona

by Arnie Cosgrove

Great show.  Since this was third time seeing them this tour, I've dealt with my BLUE BALLS for Sioux and Budgie, and finally wasn't so intolerant of Mr. Cale....this time around I thought I'd really try and listen to him and I have to say that I've taken a liking to a few of the songs he plays......

Then the Creatures did their thing......I should of written down the set list, but I didn't some highlights were older songs like But Not Them, Strutting Rooster, Thumb....which were greatly appreciated since she didn't do too many in SF.  I could be mistaken, (and I was so shocked that they played it) or maybe it was just a dream, but I'm pretty sure they played So fact I'm really sure.

She came out later in a yellow tank top, that read "GIRL JESUS" across the front and her red cowboyish hat.  She seemed to be very happy that it was raining outside.......

I have to say that I was very impressed with the Phoenix crowd...showing much more enthusiam and support for both Cale and the Creatures then I saw in SF and  the LA Coven 13 Show put together......

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