Friday, July 17, 1998
The Glass House

by Frankie Macchia

It seems that the Creatures just keep picking up steam at every show.  At the Glass House in Pomona, Siouxsie and Budgie seemed very comfortable with the small crowd.  And the audience even seemed to warm up to John Cale.  At every other show I've been to, I've heard people chanting "Siouxsie!  Siouxsie! Siouxsie!" during his sets.  I've even heard people in the front yell out, "You suck!  Where's Siouxsie?!"  But the show in Pomona was different.  People were dancing a little during Cale's sets, and there wasn't a rude remark to be heard.  Poor John looked shocked the whole time he was playing.  I don't think he expected to be received that well.  At one point, someone even shouted out, "I love you, John!"

As for the Creatures, the crowd seemed a little less animated than the crowds at the other shows I've seen.  There were sections of people just standing there.  But there were also people going crazy and screaming like mad people. "Take Mine" and "I Was Me" were done absolutely brilliantly.  Has anyone noticed that Siouxsie's "Are You Happy Now?!"'s are getting more and more sinister with each show?  I think she's having a lot of fun with it.  You can see how much energy she puts into that song.  "I Was Me" also got a gut- wrenching performance from Siouxsie.  I actually didn't expect her to get so into that song, but it was just amazing.  She was down on her knees, and you could just feel the agony in her voice.

Near the end of "Venus Sands", I hoisted my friend up on my shoulders, and she lifted her shirt and bra, showing Siouxsie the "I LUV U SIOUXSIE" she had written in blue marker across her breasts.  Siouxsie said something like, "Oh, you're going to get a brutal one for that!" (anybody there know if that's what she said?), and then went into "Pluto Drive".

"Venus in Furs" was really fun too.  She approached the two security guards in front of the stage and taunted them.  She had her boot up in their faces, telling them to kiss it.  You go, Siouxsie!

Despite the small crowd, this was one of the best Creatures shows yet.  I wish I could see a show in New York or London to see how the show/set evolves. 

by Adrian Maestas

Hey there, I went to the show in Pomona, CA and it was really great. I mean, I went to all the shows in CA, and the Pomona show was right up there with the Hollywood shows. The band was tight, the song selection incredible. the same Disconnected=>2nd floor Opener, and then assorted gems...the Venus sands sounded better than any other night I've seen it. She was in total control of the audience. I think Siouxsie went shopping in Hollywood, cause she was wearing something new. A silver spandex number for her pants, and a different belt, and some sort of gun holster thing, and a different top. Still wearing the hat though. Not the sparkling one, but a different color of the same style. Did she give it away ?? And the audience was trying to move, but there just wasn't enough people for the crowd to really get moving. But it was so dark in there, I don't think Siouxse and friends noticed the not very close to being sold out crowd. It is so neat to see the same people at all of the shows. There was about 10 or 12 people that I saw at every show I went to that were right up front, every time. I love all the new songs, and I can't wait to hear the tapes I've seen some people making !!! And there were people doing videos at Pomona, and at Coven 13. I've put about 2,000 miles on my car and spent way too much money, but I am very happy that all the new songs are so great. And I now have all my Creatures records all signed by both Siouxsie and Budgie. They are so nice in person too !! They have even improved on some of them since the first show in Santa Cruz. My favorite new tune is Disconnected. And Take Mine. They don't seem to use the music stands anymore. I think they don't need them anymore. Oh, but the Horn section was not present at the Pomona show. They used them at the Hollywood and Coven 13 shows, but that was it. I'd bet that they will be at the New York shows...

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