Monday, June 29, 1998
Crest Theatre

by Mark C Kratt

Wow. My first time seeing Siouxsie live. It was literally unreal. I was unable to procure a set list, so the exact song titles and order are forever lost to me. I will however, mention the highlights of the night (as if it weren't all highlights).

- Siouxsie: Patent leather suit with turqouise leather shirt under & plain boots.
- Budgie: Black fishnet shirt, black knit skirt and yellow/black tennies.
- John: Awesome black vest over long sleeve T and what looked like army pants of some sort.

All the songs I remember hearing:
intro by John (poem by Dylan)
2 other Cale songs
Hedda (Sioux comes out to help him finish it, then he leaves)
Miss The Girl
Pluto Drive
John comes back, Picasso's song
Sioux leaves, 2 or three more Cale songs, one of which was simply mesmerizing ( I wish I knew his tracks!)
Sioux arrives, Murdering mouth, I was me, Take Mine John leaves, 2nd floor
Some other songs, I'm sure... and I probably left a few out and mixed up the order badly... set ends with Exterminating Angel
1st encore: Gun Duet with John & Sioux (best song of the night in my opinion. The whole room was bouncing)
2nd encore: a song about leather ('shiny leather' ?!) which everyone but me seemed to know.

Dramatic highlights:
- during Siouxsie's first solo song, a guy is escorted out for having a camera or tape recorder. after the song's over, she says: "where's that dickhead that took that guy away? Bring him back out. I'm not singing another song until you bring him back out. Who cares if he's got a fucking camera? So many dickheads in this business." she's so cool.
- A lot of audience interaction. She substituted city name in Picasso's song with Sacramento, and talked to us a lot. In fact, the first thing John said when he came out was 'Good Evening Sacramento.' They seem to actually care about who's listening to them.
- During 2nd floor, Siouxsie bends down and high-fives the front 5 or six people, which included me at the time.
- Later in the show, when I was a little further away, sioux concludes a song by kneeling at the very front of the stage, and is subsequently groped by the whole front row.
- three people managed to hop on stage and embrace her, and grab a souvenier in the process (set list, guitar pick, etc) unfortunately, I was not among them.
- During 2nd encore, a little girl in red spikes came on stage. Sioux asked her what her name was (I don't remember it) and gave her a pair of 'rattles' which the girl played along with through the song. Too cute.

- Unfortunately, I didn't see the trio emerge after the show. No photos or tapes.
- A very cosmopolitan group of fans.
- probably half or 2/3 capacity was filled in the theatre.
- The sequence by which Sioux and John were introduced was done perfectly. the duets were awesome, and John's  performance has convinced me why the Creatures are touring with him. He gives them the perfect touch. I don't think I would have enjoyed the show as much if it was just the one group show. Definitely a unique format.

Well, that's it. I've seen the Creatures. My life is complete. Email me if you want to be in my will.

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