Thursday, June 25, 1998
San Francisco
Maritime Hall

by Arnie Cosgrove

All and all I was both thrilled and dissapointed with the show. I won't hide the fact that I was not familiar with John Cale's music, nor was I interested.  I was just going to endure it out of respect to Siouxsie (as she is obviously a friend and fan of his), and out of respect to one of my friends whom I was there with who likes him.  I just didn't expect it to be the "JOHN CALE SHOW" w/BUDGIE...and special guest Siouxsie Sioux".......I'm sorry...that's just what it seemed like for me.  I didn't care for CALE'S music at was also an extreme test of my patience when he kept coming back on stage and singing MORE fucking songs.  I was not the only one that felt that way apparently, as others in the audience preferred to verbalize their frustration.

Yah, I was pissed that we had been there three hours waiting, but of course seeing SIOUX in the flesh puts me to my knees, so I was over it once I saw her face.  I just used the whole time to bond and drink with my boyfriend and my friend who we were visiting and her friends.  I also enjoyed the music they were playing before....real 80's stuff (Echo, Smiths, SOM, Depeche etc.).  Just standing though for that long sucked.

The opening was rather void and plain.  Cale came on and just started playing.....and after 4-5 songs Sioux came out and sang like the last 2 lyrics of his last song...which was odd...she looked like she was having a hard time getting into it at first, as her face seemed a bit strained. But I was jumping up and down screaming. (I just wish she had did her own seperate opening with dramatic intro-music etc.)   In between songs, I screamed out "I FUCKING LOVE YOU SIOUXSIE"....some girl thanked me for that.

I have to say that I think her voice was great...she looked great (please disapate all thost fat rumors)...I must say I wasn't crazy about her hair sytle later in the evening, as it lost it's hold....kind of a layered look (think Janet from Three's Company).

Highlights for me, but (especially for my three lesbian friends that I was with) was during PRETTIEST THING...and it's blatently homo-erotic theme.  Sioux did a couple of the those "lapping it up" with her tongue in between her fingers formed as a "V" for someone in the audience (a girl I'm sure)....and did some symbolic gestures of "dipping it in" with her whole arm and fist!!   Is this Sioux's coming out song, or is she just teasing the lesbians/bi's in the audience?  (She's done this on numerous occasions....the FEAR video.....saying how she had a crush on JULIE DRISCOLL before she would sing WHEELS ON FIRE).   My friends were dying with got Budgie's drumstick.  Obviously, this drumstick will have joint custody between her and me.

What else...I was a bit dissapointed they didn't play more older stuff....and only one song from Boomerang.   It was worth it though.....I just had wished JOHN CALE hadn't hogged the show.   I can't wait for the new album to come out...I think they sound fucking great. She made a comment like thanking the audience for being the guina pigs for most of these songs.  She was friendly to those who jumped on stage....introducing one of the girls.  I was pissed I didn't bring my camera in.

Her make up was in old-Sioux fashion...heavy.  I thought she may not be doing her heavy eye make-up she's seemingly been mostly just eyeliner and eyebrows over the last few years.

I wanted to go again Fri night, but I was kinda irritated with the John Cale thing, and I figured the next night's show wouldn't be too much different and it would of been a hard sell to my boyfriend since I made him go to the Thursday night show.

I have to point one thing out though.  From a business perspective, it might not always be the bands fault for coming out so late....if the show didn't sell out, the owner might want more liquor sold, so by the band coming out later, this encourages more drinking.  I don't know...just my guess.  I've been to several Dead of Alive shows myself and that queen is always three hours that might negate my theory.

Anyway, I can't wait to see her again in Phoenix....despite the Cale issue.  It's always worth seeing her and to see her in such an intimate setting for once (I've always seen her in large venues and always had shitty seats).  I understand people's frustration with the late issue and Cale issue...but I can't imagine leaving EARLY or even before she came on!!!  Shame on you.

by Eugene N. Huffman III

Saw Siouxsie in SF at the Maritime Hall! I was right up front and it was a blast...although waiting an hour and a half for it to start really sucked...but anyhow.

Other than that, it was a great concert....loved it! I even got looked in the eye a few times...and once got asked "Can you do it with your mouth?" while she was looking at me...and then she played "Murdering Mouth." It was a great show...minus a few things (but, mind you, those things having nothing to do with Siouxsie and Budgie on stage at all....).  Siouxsie was excellent as usual...and it was nice to actually get to see her up that close...any show before I never have been able to be at the was great....

by Mariko Walton

quick comparision of first 2 shows. i feel the first night had greater audience energy (maybe 'cos we were packed into a smaller venue) and the second night had greater creatures energy.

when receiving flowers from the audience, siouxsie did a quick dietrich impersonation of raspy voice with "where have all the flowers gone"

for intro for venus in furs sioux remarked if you don't know it then "you need an education" she must've overheard the clueless whispers in the audience before the show: "who is john cale?"

fashion police: sioux had same outfit, different shirt. this one completely sheer w/ black bra. budgie again wore leggings and a skirt. at first he had a white wife beater type then for encore he had a sparkly black shirt with a bit of fringe.

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