Wednesday, June 24, 1998
Santa Cruz

by Mariko Walton

I am so fucking exciting and still a bit shakey after the show. I was in the very front just to the left of Sioux and my good friend was right next to me directly in front of Sioux.

John Cale:
Hedda (last bit Sioux joins stage)
Miss the Girl
Take Mine
Turn it On
(Sioux leaves stage)
John Cale:
Cable Hogue
Leaving It
(not sure if he played all the songs but they're on the setlist..I spaced out a bit at the end of his section as I couldn't help but dream of Sioux returning to the stage to hear more of the new material) Creatures:
Murdering Mouth
Prettiest Thing
I Was Me
B-Side Ourselves
Exterminating Angel

encore 1:
Thumb on setlist, but they played So Unreal

encore 2:
Venus In Furs (with Cale of course!)

there were 2 songs left on setlist  Gun & Strutting Rooster but they cut it right there.

Afterwords, o baby, you lined up inside the club and got to do a signing with Sioux and Budgie. I brought my Sioux Peepshow Mask and took a pic of Sioux wearing it. I knew Budgie was into computers but he really is. As soon as I walked up for my turn he said "I know you. I know your face. I've visited your web page." Shocked, yes, I was very surprised to hear that. He gave me a hug. Then I took a pic in the middle of Sioux and Budgie... I was caressing Sioux's leg of course. It should come out very gentle and caring, like some family portrait ;)

I had a WONDERFUL time and can't wait for tomorrow and Friday's show in San Francisco.

OH the end of the show it was announced THEY WILL BE RETURNING TO PLAY PALOOKAVILLE SANTA CRUZ ON JULY 6!!!!!!!


P.S. I forgot to mention Budgie slipped a kiss on the cheek when he gave me a hug (he's so sweet). And also, he's also a net freak as he asked how to connect to AOL from over here.  Well, I'm not an AOLer and I am not fond of that "thing" at all, but my friend got her family on it so she told him what to do. I told him he should write me email and he said he would.  Let's see what happens.  Now, just what kind of laptop does he have? hmmm...

Creatures shows? Why Budgie wears Nike and Sioux's shoes had "Go Sexy" on them. Just a small thing I noticed and thought I'd share.

Also, I had Sioux sign a printout of some video stills and a pic of her with Navarro (Jane's Addiction) from Lolla '91. She couldn't remember him or where it's from but Budgie immediately said "We still have one of his guitars."

by Doug Casellini

Wow! What a show.  First off, I just have to remark on the crowd.  They were so into it.  It was the loudest and most enthusiastic crowd I have ever witnessed.  It might have been because it was such a small venue, but the energy was contagious.  I don't even think it was sold out, but the crowd that was there were die-hard fans.  Siouxsie and the bunch must have been pleased because after the show they announced that they are coming back during the first week of July (perhaps one of their other dates got cancelled).  The crowd was deafening at times and everybody seemed to be having a great time including the band.  Cale opened with the rest of the band backing him up (Budgie, a woman on bass, a man on lead guitar and bass, and a guy in the corner working some electronic instruments).  Cale did about three songs, then Siouxsie came out and did about three, then Cale did about five more, then Siouxsie came out and they finished their set.  Then a one song encore. Then a two song encore.  I don't remember the set list, but they started with Miss the Girl and ended with an incredible cover of Severin by The Velvet Underground.  Cale's second set seemed to go a bit long.  I wished he had put the bulk of his set at the beginning of the show, but having Siouxsie leave and then come back just fired the crowd up even more.  Siouxsie wore a black patent leather outfit (tight pants, tight short jacket, and gloves).  The pants were the old punk style with  a square of patent leather hanging off the back like tails on a tuxedo. She took the jacket off during the first and second set.  The first set she had on a black shirt with a silver swirl on the front and the second set she had on a sheer top with a black bra underneath.  At 41, Siouxsie is still damn sexy.  She had all her moves and captivated the crowd. Budgie was looking good in a black vest which he took off to reveal a black net shirt.  He smiled a lot and really seemed to be having fun. The place was getting hot and Siouxsie had her hair slicked back with sweat.  The stage was small, but it just enhanced the intimacy of it.  I couldn't believe it, I was about six feet from the stage and everybody was giving each other enough breathing room.  Just about a perfect concert.  Although, I wish they had played longer (but whenever they stopped would have been too soon).  All together with Cale's songs they were on about two hours.  Oh yeah, when Siouxsie first came out she said something like, "It's been awhile, a couple of years, I'm glad to see you're not a bunch of Mtv puppets, so we won't be condescending."  And later, she said something about not having anything to promote and just wanting to play and that they are working on some new stuff.  I really appreciate their ethics.  They really seem to be in it for the music. They are truly artists, making some of the most creative music today without having to bow to the record companies and their marketing strategies.  To tell you the truth, the last time the Banshees came, it wasn't that great.  Their music had lost a certain edge and I saw them at a huge venue and there was just no atmosphere.  Well The Creatures have a ton of edge and the atmosphere is buzzing.  Long live The Creatures!

by Greg Wassmann

John cale started the concert and sang about 5 songs. Budgie played drums through the whole show. They had a male guitarist and a female bass player and a guy playing with electronic gizmos over on the side. Siouxsie came out on John's last song called Hedda Gabbler (I think). She sang harmony. Then John left the stage and it was the Creatures turn. The first song was Miss the Girl. The last song of the first set was Pluto Drive. They left the stage and John came back out. His second set was really boring. Then the Creatures came out again. Siouxsie and John sang Murdering Mouth. John left and they sang B-side ourselves. These were the only old songs that they sang during the show. They did sing quite a bit of new stuff. In no particular order the songs they sang were: I Was Me, Turn It On, Prettiest Thing, Take Mine, Disconnected. I'm sure there were a few other new ones but we didn't recognize them. For their first encore they sang So Unreal they left the stage and came out with John and sang a Velvet Underground song called Venus in Furs. It's all about S&M. We hung aruound the club after and realized that Security wasn't throwing people out. They made us get in a single file line and (here's the best part) WE MET SIOUXSIE AND BUDGIE!!!! We talked just briefly and they signed our ticket stubs. (we had nothing else). They were very sweet and friendly. We asked about the new album and she told us about the recording industry turning thier backs on them "So we said fuck 'em we'll put it out ourselves" Then we left. She was dressed in a black plastic jacket and pants and a silver spiralled black shirt. I think it was the same one she was in in one of your recent concert photos of her. Thats all for now. needless to say I'm a very happy camper right now. No T-Shrts or anything were sold at the concert. We heard from the sound guy that they were still being made. (T-shirts that is) Oh by the way, they are coming back to Palookaville in July at least that's what they announced tonight.

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