Paper (October '98)




That was one wacky party Oberon Sinclair gave at Idlewild following the final Creatures/John Cale performances at Life! When the bewildered survivors tried to make sense of it the next day, all lamely copped to the same explanation: "Well, you know, it was a full moon." No it wasn't. However, dat ole devil moon was severely bloated, so perhaps, it was PFMS. Al I know is that I was somehow involved in some extremely lascivious swing-dancing routines with Sinclair until way into the wee hours. It should be mentioned that I never dance unless I'm in Brazil during Carnaval and have had too many caipirinhas. However, Idlewild is on East Houston, and I had imbibed merely two glasses of red wine. I occasionally had to give up Sinclair to Creatures-feature Siouxsie Sioux, which was worth it because they were doing the finest cunnilingus (I believe that means "clever Irish person") pantomimes I've seen in ages. Except for Sassoon-wedge- coiffed Genesis P. Orridge, the only other guest not behaving like a crazed bubbe at a bar mitzvah was Lenny Kravitz. Odd for a fellow with such a moniker, n'est-ce pas? Then again, he's always had better taste in girlfriends than in music. (Meow!)

Cale was nowhere to be seen, so I guess he's hung up his well-worn party shoes. Such a good boy. He was being such a good daddy earlier, beaming with pride because his adorable lookalike daughter, Eden Cale, was at the show. The 13-year-old, resplendent with a dusting of Maltese glitter on her face, has already sung on one of John's recordings, "Walking on Locusts," so she's quite obviously daddy's girl. I tried to show her what was left of my sparkly eyelids, but I had given up the majority of my face paint when I got trapped in the mosh pit. Christ, I thought those grand olde days of slam-dancing and pogo-ing were over! By the time Siouxsie and Cale launched into "Venus in Furs," I was reduced to a battered, sweaty glob. The music was so good, it inspired me to take a more positive approach to the nightmarish situation, so I deftly fought back with some old Mudd Club elbow-defense maneuvers, causing some nouveau goths a bit of kidney trouble the next day, I suspect. On the brighter side (if they'll excuse the expression), I'm happy to inform these "children of the night" that Siouxsie and Marc Almond recently recorded a single, which, I've heard, is a veritable medieval orgasm.

Contributed by Bonnie Bryant.

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